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GLO provideS excellent legal advice in the following areas.

Personal injury, Commercial & civil litigation 

Served with a lawsuit or need to assess whether filing a lawsuit is your best course of action?

GLO Legal defends and pursues personal and civil litigation such as personal injury, auto accidents, business disputes and litigation,  LLC member disputes, mechanic's liens, contractor and subcontractor disputes, construction defect actions (CDARA), payment bonds, commercial transactions, payment disputes, .

real estate transactions & litigation

Have a real estate transaction issue or need help drafting or reviewing an agreement? Buying a home and have questions about the contract? 

GLO Legal assists with matters such as real estate contracts, promissory notes, deeds of trust, foreclosures, real property liens, lis pendens, quiet title actions, easements, boundary disputes, co-tenancy agreement with boyfriend/girlfriend, review of closing documents, residential and commercial leases.


Commercial contracts & disputes

Does your business have issues getting paid? Need a customized sales or purchase agreement? Need help drafting or reviewing a contract?

GLO Legal drafts commercial contracts, vendor agreements, purchase and sales agreements, employment contracts, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, sale of personal assets, and assists structuring and effectuating deals for the purchase and sale of a business or business assets.



Construction Defects, disputes & mechanic's liens

Construction problems? Homeowner or general contractor not paying? 

GLO Legal counsels on construction disputes, drafting construction contracts, payment disputes, subcontractor agreements, construction defects/CDARA, filing and defending against mechanic's liens, mechanic's lien foreclosures, excessive and improper mechanic's liens, spurious liens, bonding over liens, surety and payment bonds.







business formation, development & licensure 

Starting a business?  Taking your business to the next step? Bringing in business partners?

GLO Legal assists with forming an LLC or corporation , structuring and drafting an Operating Agreements, managing an LLC, Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, running a corporation, forming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, trade names, Colorado trademarks, partnership agreements, municipal, county and state licensure.



landlord/tenant, leases, buying a home or have real estate questions?

Need help with an eviction or your civil or commercial lease? Wonder what that term in the purchase agreement means? Sick of the legalese? Upset with you landlord?  Have a problem tenant?

GLO Legal assists with landlord/tenant litigation, drafting leases, eviction, habitability, emotional support animals, and security deposit issues. Buying a home and have questions about the contract? Boundary dispute with neighbor?  Title issue?



+ What does working together look like?

Once you retain GLO, you will be in constant contact with the lead attorney. You will not be talking with secretaries, assistants, and paralegals, but with the attorney who is handling your case. GLO's office hours are typically until 5 but is available for clients 24-7.

+ Do You Offer Sliding Scale?

Yes, GLO Legal is committed to supporting the needs of the community by offering legal advice and counsel to the underserved, as well as working with vulnerable populations like youth, the incarcerated, and veterans.

+ How Do I Pay?

Cash, check, wire or credit card are accepted.

+ What Documents Do You Need From Me?

Give GLO Legal a call at 303/385-7622 to dicuss your case and what to bring to our first meeting.

GLO believes in doing things differently. GLO works with clients. GLO listens. GLO wants your experience, opinions and insights. Why? Because this facilitates a great client-lawyer relationships through which GLO can find a successful legal solution for you.

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